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No one has the power to change your life. But you.

Are you ready?


I’m so glad you’re here and considering this investment in yourself.


With a collaborative and healing therapeutic relationship, your openness to exploration and growth, and my education and training as a Marriage and Family Therapist; we can work together to begin creating the changes you long for. I’m looking forward to supporting you as we create a life you love.

"Be brave enough to be changed for the better - brave enough to let go of a bit of your old self as you grow into being a newer one."


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How Can I Help You

You feel constantly distracted by your thoughts, a never-ending track of worries, doubts, self-judgments and planning.

When you share your struggles with others you’re met with “it’ll be ok,” or my personal favorite, “just try not to worry!” You’re tired of feeling dismissed and ready to create real change. 

Anxiety Support

Nobody warned you about how difficult this could be. In fact, they told you this would be the happiest time of your life! You wonder if you’ve made a mistake or if something is wrong because you don’t seem to be having the experience everyone told you you’d have.  

Pregnancy & Postpartum Support

Whether you are a new mom adjusting to motherhood for the first time or have a second little one on the way, parenting a toddler, a teenager, or parenting a child with special needs; I am here to support you and offer guidance through the transitions. 

Parenting Support

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Proudly serving Santa Clara Valley including Campbell, San Jose, and Los Gatos.

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