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Anxiety Support

You feel constantly distracted by your thoughts, a never-ending track of worries, doubts, self-judgments and planning. Planning for all that could go wrong. You work hard to stuff it down, to appear to have it all together, but it always comes right back up, often even louder than before.  When you share your struggles with others you’re met with “it’ll be ok,” or my personal favorite, “just try not to worry!” You’re tired of feeling dismissed and ready to create real change. 




I can help you explore your fears and worries; understand and give a voice to them so they don’t need to be quite so loud. You are NOT your anxiety, worry, or fears. Together we can work to develop new ways of coping that better serve you. Together we can explore and understand the root causes of your worries. Not only do I have the education and the training, I can help because I’ve been there. Having worked through my own struggle with anxiety I can offer unique perspectives, validation, and empathy. 

“If I'm going to claim

the beautiful parts of life,

that means I have to show up as me

and take all the pain too.”


Contact me to schedule your free consult today. 

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