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Pregnancy & Postpartum Support

Nobody warned you about how difficult this could be. In fact, they told you this would be the happiest time of your life! You wonder if you’ve made a mistake or if something is wrong because you don’t seem to be having the experience everyone told you you’d have.  




I know you're sleep deprived, feeling alone, overwhelmed, tired of crying, maybe you're tired of yelling too.  I know you aren't sure where to go from here. Whether you are a new mom adjusting to motherhood for the first time or have a second little one on the way, I am here to support you. I can help you find the tools you need to lessen the stress, better understand who you are and what you need, and find balance in your life again. I aspire to meet you wherever you are in your evolving journey of motherhood. 
I'm also a mom myself and I've been down there in the trenches. I know firsthand how life changing a listening ear can be.  For many parents the transitions of parenthood are full of highs and lows and having someone to help you navigate the hills and valleys can be invaluable.


When I started my private practice I knew I wanted to offer women support in navigating one of the biggest transitions of their life. I’ve received advanced training in assessing and treating Maternal Mental Health Disorders through Postpartum Support International in order to do so.

“Motherhood changes you because it literally alters a woman's brain - structurally, functionally, and in many ways irreversibly."


Contact me today and we can work together to start making change for you and your entire family.

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