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5 Self-Care Ideas In 5 Minutes Or Less

Happy Fourth of July everyone. I hope this blog finds you well. I want to talk about an extremely important topic today, maybe the most important topic, and that is self-care.

I know, I know!

You’ve heard it a million times.

“You can’t take care of everyone else if you don’t take care of yourself.”

“Put on your own oxygen mask before helping those around you.”

But how many of us actually do it? You know, actually take care of ourselves?

I get it, I really do! You’re beyond busy, you have kids and they need to be taken to their appointments, cared for, fed. You might also have a job, and a house, and a partner, and… the list never ends. There is so much that needs to be done and only so much time in a day. So, naturally taking care of yourself falls by the wayside.


(ok, so here is the tough love part and then we’ll get to the good stuff! Are you ready?)



But hear me out- It isn’t a priority because your kids, relationships, home, and career ARE important! It isn’t a priority because you’ve learned to get by on five hours of sleep, caffeine, and zero “me” time.

BUT do you have to? Will your career, home, kids, and relationships fall apart if you took five minutes here and there to care for yourself?

I wonder if you can take a moment to imagine how carving a bit of time out for yourself might trickle down and positively affect everything and everyone else in your life? Maybe five minutes in the morning with a cup of coffee will allow you the space you need to set a positive tone for the day. Maybe listening to music in the car while driving the kids rejuvenates you and that positive energy rejuvenates the kids in the back seat as well.

So today I challenge you not to look at self-care as a selfish act that benefits only you, but as an investment in your family, career, health and relationships.

OK, now for the good stuff.

5 Self-Care Ideas In 5 Minutes Or Less (because I know you’re short on time)

  1. Take five minutes in the morning, before the kids wake up and before you check your email, for yourself. You can use this time to shower, enjoy your morning coffee, meditate, do five minutes of exercise, or lay in bed daydreaming. Do any thing that feeds your soul! It’ll help you start your day on the right foot and set the tone for the rest of your day.

  2. Listen to music, books on tape, or podcasts. This one is a bit of a cheat because it’ll only take a second to turn it on, you can enjoy it for hours, and you can pause it at anytime. Music can turn anyone's attitude around, even kids!

  3. Reminisce on something that brings you joy. Take a mental vacation and re-live that vacation in Hawaii or look at photos or videos of the kids on your phone that bring you joy.

  4. Take five minutes to play with the family pet. Animals are AMAZING therapy! Don’t have a family pet? Use your five minutes to watch cat videos on YouTube. Don’t like cats? (Who doesn’t like cats?) Watch any silly video, laughing is amazing therapy as well!

  5. Lastly, and most importantly, take five minutes to connect with someone today. We are social beings and feeding that part of ourselves is important. It’s easy to get caught up in all the busyness and just move through the day. Notice how you feel when you have an opportunity to talk to a friend on the phone or catch up with a neighbor for five minutes.

Can you carve out five minutes this week to try one of these self-care ideas?

How about a bit of homework?

Pick one idea to implement for the week (lucky you it's already Tuesday) and see if you can find any changes occurring in your day! How does it affect your mood, energy level, do you notice any changes in the kids, your work, your relationships?

I'd love to hear from you!! How did it go? 

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