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5 Summertime Tips (Summer, Summer, Summertime)

Summer, Summer, Summertime! 

Summer is in full swing, the kids are out of school, and man, is it hot! Whether you're on summer break or your kids are, summer can be a time of stress AND fun. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make it through bikini season. 

5 Summertime Tips

1.  Plan a few awesome events. Open up your calendar and see if you can jot down at least two things to look forward to each month. When stress hits or you're feeling down, having something fun to look forward to can be all it takes to brighten your mood or relieve a little overwhelm. These don't have to be all out vacations but they certainly can be! Even just having a lunch date or BBQ coming up can be a mood booster. Open up your calendar often to take a look at what exciting event is next up!

2.  Stick to your usual daily routine (as best you can). Do you go to the gym every Monday morning? Do you have a date night on Thursdays? Do your best to keep your usual routine during the summer. It can get real easy to become overwhelmed with the kids out of school, and all of the beach trips, late nights, and vacation plans. However, the normalcy of routine will give you that comfort you're striving for as the heat kicks up.

3.  Be kind to yourself. Didn't get around to making those 15 pies for the annual Fourth of July BBQ? Forgot to sign the little ones up for summer camp again this week? This is a time of year where we're stretched far too thin, it's important to be kind to yourself when things don't go exactly as planned and remind yourself you're doing the best you can.

4.  Cross some things off your to do list. It's easy to get carried away with vacation plans and creating fun and memorable activities for the kids, all while staying on top of your usual obligations. However, there needs to be a balance. Be aware of the things you can do versus the things you want to do and eliminate the things that are likely to cause you more stress than joy. Maybe that means this year you're not going to go all out with the decor for your annual BBQ because what you're really needing is some friend/family time but without the three days of planning/stressing beforehand. If what you crave is the social aspect, no one's going to care if you didn't hand make and hang a Fourth of July banner. 

5.  Seek extra help if you need it. This is a crazy time of year for lots of folks, so if you're struggling it's best to reach out for additional support. There's no harm in reaching out to a therapist to help you create a plan to thrive during this time. If you're feeling like you could use some extra support, please reach out and I'd be happy to speak with you. 

Now it's your turn!

Pick one idea to implement and see if you can find any changes! How does it affect your mood, stress level, do you notice any changes in yourself, your work, your relationships?

I'd love to hear from you!! How did it go? Share in the comments below. 

And if you found this useful don't forget to pass it along! Just click the social media icons below to share. 

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